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So i got a pair of jeans for my birthday and i went in to exchange them for a bigger size. The sales clerk who turned out to be the manager Sarah i think took the jeans and since i had no proof of purchase kept them.

Would not give them back. I called there home office and spoke with loss prevention and this is there policy. No exchange, they just stole my property and thats ok.

So in order to help with there theft loss, they stole from a customer. I bought another pair of jeans that day which i very much regret becuase i will keep all the money i can from that bussiness.

Product or Service Mentioned: Buckle Jeans.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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You're from Washington, and the area where you shopped has TONS of theft. How could you be so non-chalant about this if you really paid for the jeans they kept???

They DO give gift cards if you don't have a receipt! I can guarantee you they looked up those jeans in their system & saw that they hadn't sold those. I hope you get caught & end up in jail! I can't believe shame on you!

A normal, honest person who paid that much for jeans would've been infuriated & probably would've called the police. But you turned around & "Shopped" around.

By shopped I mean you helped yourself to another pair of jeans. Ugh!


I bought a pair of jeans last year I hadn't wore them tags still attached still looked new as the day they were purchased I take them back to buckle and was offered a gift card since of course I had no receipt not even knowing they would take the jeans back! I just didn't want to loose the money I had paid since they wouldn't fit after receiving the gift card I go back to the Same store to use the card and was told the card was cancelled after getting some bs explanation from an employee who didn't seem to understand her self ., I was mortified I called the number that was given to me and it was lost prevention What?

Yes my jeans had been sent their cause no proof of purchase now I've taken back several things from stores with out proof of purchase and never exsperienced this coustmer service Buckle lost my business my family's business I hope they too exsperience the same heartache as I have this store is a joke they don't want you to return you're items at all that's loving money too much!! Very rude lady I spoke with in lost prevention also several months back they treated a coworkers handicap daughter with so much rudeness long story...

she left the store in tears); ... I will not EVER Spend Cash Or Credit With Buckle Again.


Your story doesn't make sense. They "stole" your jeans you claim, yet you stuck around and purchased a new pair??

Wth??? Your nose must be VERY long by now...

to Vicky #1397997

Your right it doesn't to me either. I thought after calling corporate it would be taken care of so yes I bought a pair which I regret, not because they aren't great jeans, because they are, but just because I gave them money when their policy is crazy.

Unfortunately I wore them before I found out I'd never receive anything for the ones they took and I don't return worn items.

I actually wish I could buy more but its the principle so I wont. But if you call and ask or ask an associate it is there policy to take them if you can't prove purchase according to the 20 people I spoke to at Buckle corporate office.

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